The 3 steps to your WHY

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent." Marilyn vos Savant
Why is being clear on your “WHY” is so critical to achieving your success?

So you’ve got a big dream, something you want for your family or for yourself. It might be to lose some weight, to have the money to take the kids to Disneyland or to start your own online business.

You know what you need to do and you set about doing the actions. If your goal is weight-loss you might promise yourself to go for a walk after work each day. If you’re saving for a holiday you might start to be a bit more careful with your spending. For your online shop you might start looking at Shopify for help to start the set up.

You’ve taken the first step, you’re on your way and that’s great!!

2 weeks later……. your resolve has worn off, that passionate fire raging in your belly is now just coals. You’ve got busy running after the kids’ activities and holy crap, when did summer end?! It’s cold outside!! Momentum is lost and pretty soon your big dream seems a little silly or too hard…and you stop.

Sound familiar?

Having a really compelling reason WHY this goal is important is a critical factor to achieving your big dreams. Your WHY will spur you on when you want to quit, it will be the shining light at the end of the dark tunnel and it’s the wood that keeps that passion flame burning. Your WHY helps you to make decisions about what you’re prepared to give up to achieve your dream. It helps guide you to do what you need to do to chase that dream.

3 Steps to Finding your WHY

1. Your WHY is so much more than just the result you want to achieve.

Your WHY is the reason you’re embarking on this journey. What or who is all this for? Your WHY is what drives and propels you forward. Everyone’s WHY is different and will be layered with emotion from stories from your past. It will be reflective of your past efforts or challenges. It might even come from your childhood.

Be careful when you’re landing on your WHY. If you’re starting a business or saving toward that family holiday you might want to say your WHY is to earn money. Money is not your WHY.

Simon Sinek, motivational speaker and bestselling author of “Start with WHY”, says “revenues, profits, salaries and other monetary measurements are simply results of what we do.”.

Start by asking yourself questions like these:

What or whom are you passionate about?

What could you talk about all day, every day?

What causes you to fire up and argue or lose your temper?

What is your strongest belief or conviction?

What gets you out of bed without fail every day?

2. Bring out your inner 4 year old and ask WHY

Next, for each answer above, ask WHY and keep asking WHY until you can’t go any further.

WHY does it matter?

WHY is it important?

If you get sick of asking WHY, ask, “For what purpose do you want this?”

3. Document your WHY in a statement

Once you’ve nailed down your WHY write it down as a statement. Make it your wallpaper or screen saver on your device or computer.

Your WHY statement must be clear, simple and always in front of you.

Your WHY statement is a sentence that clearly expresses that unique contribution and impact the goal has for you. The difference you want to make in the world, and the contribution the primary action takes towards making your impact. It’s a really simple format:


so that__________________________

“To build a community where women can learn to unleash their inner power so that they create a life where they feel fulfilled, inspired, and empowered.”

“To take a holiday with my family so that we can experience a new culture, enjoy time together, and relax”

“To improve my health so that I can be a part of my kids lives as they grow up and support them to thrive”

Now you have your WHY it's easy to work out what to do and because you have your WHY you will have the drive to put actions in place to achieve the goal.

While you're busy doing, keep your eyes on your WHY. It's what makes the actions and sacrifices your own and unique. Chrissanne Long wrote in her article, "Start with WHY: Social Media Mindset for Professionals says,

When you take action from the outside in you are just doing what everyone else is doing. Taking action based on what’s within you empowers yourself to be remarkable and unstoppable”.


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