Farewell 2019. Hello new decade!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I came across an article recently that was asking readers to plan what they wanted to achieve in the new decade, yes we are almost up to 2020! I got to reflecting, not on what I wanted to achieve, but reflecting on what I DID achieve in the last 10 years.

What’s happened in the last decade for me?

The first few that came to me were recent stuff, achievements from the last 12 months, the ones that are still front of mind. When I started to think further back – 2011, 2015, 2017 - the floodgates opened and BAM! my fingers couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with my brain.

After a few minutes of writing I put the pen down and read through the list. I’ve accomplished a heck of a lot! There have been small wins, big wins, great achievements and small milestones. As I read I recalled the setbacks and what I learned from them. I remembered the people who had helped me.

Here’s just a few things from my list:

Turned 40

Learned to fly an aeroplane

Started my own business

Had 6 job roles

Completed a stair climb of 88 floors in less than 20 minutes

Climbed 3 mountains in 3 states in 33 hours for charity

Moved to our dream property

Drove across the USA

This week, why don’t you take some time for yourself and really reflect on what you’ve achieved in the last 10 years. Schedule this into your already hectic week. I guarantee it will be the best time you spend all week.

“I have no time for this”, I hear you say. How about while you’re driving to work or to pick up the kids you spend a few minutes focussing on your accomplishments. You could think about your achievements while you’re at the gym or hanging out the washing.

Again I hear you, “But I’ve done nothing”, “It’s been a shitty 10 years”.

Don’t forget that some of the challenges you’ve experienced have more than likely lead to something great – a relationship breakdown may have lead you to a move interstate where you found your dream job.

1. Where have you travelled?

2. What have you learned?

3. What skills have you gained?

There are just so many questions you could ask yourself. Once you’re done stop and bask in your own glory. Maybe grab a glass of bubbly and raise a glass to your magnificence, you deserve it!

If it’s too early for bubbly (is it ever too early though?!), do whatever it is you do to celebrate a great accomplishment.

Then, on a clean piece of paper or with a clear mind, start to write down what you want to achieve in the next 10 years. Think about what you want to have achieved and where you want to be in 2029?

Now you have your list what’s stopping you from starting on just one of these goals?


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