5 Tips to become a Master Goal Setter

I’m excited today.

It's the second week of the new Financial Year.

A brand new 12 months of business planning and execution has just begun!

I’ve finished my new 90 Day Plan and it’s so shiny, sparkly and new.

Having a new plan is like having a new pair of shoes, it needs to be admired as well as used daily so it becomes part of you and you become comfortable with it.

Do I sound like an utter geek right now? Getting all revved up and excited about a plan?

Well, I am a geek for goal setting and planning. A new quarter is an exciting time.

You get to review your annual plan, measure and celebrate your progress, refine your goals and set a course for the next 90 days.

What’s not to love?!

Because I’m so pumped I want to share with you a little of why and how I plan out each and every 90 days. Will you come on the tour with me?

So what does your plan for the rest of the year look like?

What do you want to achieve?

If you’ve got goals or just something to prove to the world or to yourself, then you’re going to need a plan to get you there.

Starting without a plan is like getting into a taxi without knowing your destination. You’ll just drive and drive and get nowhere.

Sure, you might get lucky, but you might also have gone 500km out of your way just to arrive somewhere around the corner from your home.

And don't you agree that is not a good use of your time, money and resources?

That’s why you need a plan.

BEFORE you start doing, create a plan that mean you’re crystal clear about where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Here are 5 tips on how to create a great 90 Day Plan.

Tip #1: Set a goal with YOUR BIG WHY

Whatever your goal, it’s got to be something YOU WANT FOR YOU. You will never focus and commit to a goal that someone else wants for you, or you think the world wants.

Thanks to my love of too many glasses of wine, too much cheese and not prioritising my health and fitness I am 10kg over the weight that I like.

My WHY for losing weight is NOT to look good or to fit into my clothes again. That’s not what will drive me day after day and keep me focused for the next 90 days.

My WHY is much bigger.

It’s for my long term health and for the lifestyle I want to live.

It has felt recently like the wheels are falling off this old body; a few too many doctor visits, strange afflictions and issues have started popping up.

"If you don’t use it you lose it", they say so it’s time to bite the bullet and take better care of my health.

I’m planning on being on this earth for a good many years yet and I’m not going to let chronic illness ruin my fun.

Your WHY is for you and no one else.

Tip #2: Break the goal into 3 monthly buckets

Here is where you start to break the goal into all its many moving parts and work out the order in which those parts need to go together.

Breaking the big goal into smaller parts makes it more digestible. What will need to happen and what will you commit to achieving in each month?

Things to think about:

  • What support will you need, by whom and when.

  • Do you need help with the kids, your work, a personal trainer, a bank loan or do you need a website created?

  • How long will each step take?

  • Is it reasonable to expect to achieve the goals in 90 days or will you need to take a longer-term view?

  • What personal attributes do you need to bring to achieve the goal?

  • What will you need to give up or set aside during this time?

  • Is it time to press pause on Netflix or will you watch Farmer Wants a Wife on catchup?

Tip #3: Create the Weekly tasks

Breaking each monthly goal into weekly tasks or goals is one of the most critical parts of this process. It’s where you decide on the actions you will commit to taking each week.

And your list of weekly tasks should not be a mile long.

This list might only be 5 tasks.

A common mistake, and one I use to make, is to cram a task into every waking moment of every day. I’ve worked out that I am not an oracle and don’t always know exactly how long something will take.

Hint: Whatever it is, it will take you longer than you think

So don’t try to do too much.

Trying to do too much leads to two things happening:

1. You don’t get everything on the list done so you get grumpy and start blaming yourself and others for your lack of results.

2. You rush tasks and making mistakes or you miss something so you end up having to go back and rework it or do it again. Which is not a good use of your time, money or effort.

When you don’t achieve the little goals it can be demotivating and can undermine the beautiful momentum you’ve worked so hard to build.

So be kind to yourself.

Tip #4: Be my, be my (Accountability) Buddy

Find a friend, a colleague, a coach or someone you trust and ask them to keep you accountable for your weekly actions. Maybe they’ve got a goal they’re working on and you can help them by being their buddy.

Quid pro quo.

Just like a spin class, it’s easier to keep going when you’ve got others around you.

Share with your buddy the milestones you need to hit to achieve the goal. Set KPIs, benchmarks, or some way of measuring your progress and, ultimately, your success.

Tip #5: Celebrate

And because you’ve set your benchmarks for success you’ll know when you’ve reached your goal and when it’s time to celebrate.

If your goal is big, it may take you many months or even years to get to where you want to go.

Don’t wait to the end, celebrate the small wins along the way!

It helps to create even more momentum.

You can celebrate posting your first ever LinkedIn article or getting to 1000 followers, losing 5kg, your first $10K week, your first sale, your 50th client, your first employee.

And be sure to plan in advance HOW you will celebrate. Give yourself a carrot to chase!

If you are geeking out like me you can join my next Goal Setting Mastermind that starts next week!

In this 6 week mastermind, you will move from a wide-eyed, planning novice to an expert planner who knows where they’re going and who has the focus of a couching tiger.

Are you ready to take your goal setting and planning skills to another level?

Are you ready to achieve what you’ve always wanted to?

Are you up for the challenge?


Emma Taberner is a qualified Leadership and Executive Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, author and self-confessed Human Behaviour nerd. With over 20 years Supply Chain industry experience and 10 years coaching and mentoring frontline leaders, she is passionate about helping small business owners and their teams to understand how their behaviours determine their leadership and effectiveness in business, relationships and in life. Emma works One to One, with groups, both face 2 face and online.

When she’s not building future leaders you can find her flying small planes, being in the outdoors, growing her own food and hanging out with her husband of over 20 years.

If you want to make sure you never miss what's coming up, join the New Wings Community.

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