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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

How do you connect with others?

Email? Social Media? Face to face?

Connecting is something I am super passionate about. I don't mean the online kind, it’s the real face to face kind of communication and connection that I try to engage in most often.

I truly believe that without face to face connection we can’t form partnerships - for business or for love - and other mutually beneficial relationships. And without good quality connection, humans become isolated which is the starting point for loneliness, self-doubt and at the extreme end is depression.

A few years ago I managed the supply of a Tequila brand into Australia. I had built great email rapport with my contact in the USA but it wasn’t until he visited me in Australia as part of a roadshow that we really became partners. In 2 hours I learned more about Tequila, the brand origins and growing the agave plant than I had learned in a year-long email relationship.

I felt more connected to the product and the brand from that day.

How often do you connect and communicate face to face? Do you go to networking groups or are you in a sporting team or some other interest group?

How often do you send emails to work colleagues across the office? I reckon we've all been guilty of this.

And how often do you walk over and just have a conversation and nut out the issue face to face? How often do you just have a chat with work colleagues? Do you take lunch alone or at your desk?

Have you ever considered what you might be missing out by not connecting with others? What extra information you might be missing out on when you fire off an email just so you can tick this box and move onto the next thing on your list?

Did you know that many new and exciting job roles are created as a result of people building rapport and connecting in the office environment? Being interested in others and being engaged and proactively connecting gets you noticed in the workplace.

It's not all about getting things done.

We live in an age focussed on 'doing', we're always so busy doing, taking action, being busy. I remember being told, after a restructure, that, "we will all have to do more with less". What I made this mean is that I have to be busier and get more done - myself, without the help of others. How wrong I was.

You'll never know what value others can add if you don't connect.

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship” Brene Brown

What about in your daily life and when you’re out and about? Do you talk to the girl on the checkout at the supermarket?

Do you at least say, "Hi, how are you?" to the guy who makes your coffee? Do you smile at the people walking in the opposite direction? No?

I've created a cheat sheet for my 3 Ways to Connect with Anyone

  1. Smile

  2. Be the First

  3. Listen

Oh, and so you can apply this in all areas of your communication I’ve included as a bonus, a link to the Dos and Don’ts of Communication.

So, go forth and connect. You never know who you’ll meet. It might be the love of your life or someone who can connect you with someone else who can give you your dream job…. you’ll never know.....


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Emma Taberner is a qualified Life and Executive Coach, Speaker and Facilitator. With over 20 years Supply Chain industry experience and 10 years coaching and mentoring frontline leaders, she is passionate about helping people to understand their fears and to see fear as a natural step in creating success in business, relationships and in life. Emma works One to One, in groups and online with business owners and organisations to create empowered and engaged leaders and teams.

When she’s not building future leaders you can find her flying small planes, being in the outdoors, growing her own food and hanging out with her husband of over 20 years.

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