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Are you ready?


Discover your capacity to achieve your goals.

Next Mastermind starts

February 2021!

your goal

What's your big goal?  Discover a simple framework that will get you the results you want..


Tools and resources as well as your Master Goal Planner.  Set and track your Annual, 90 day and weekly goals. 


It's all in your head. 

Learn the thinking you need to design and execute your winning goals.

group mentoring

You can't do this alone!

Group Mentoring and accountability to support you to succeed. Connect with others, get support, celebrate wins.

Did you set any New Year’s resolutions for 2021? 



You’re not alone,!  Did you know that 40% of people set resolutions to change something in the new year.  

These were the Top 6 resolutions made by people in 2019:

Exercise more.

Lose weight.

Get organized.

Learn a new skill or hobby.

Live life to the fullest.

Save more money / spend less money.


Did you also know that, according to U.S. News & World Report, a staggering 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February!

So why do so many resolutions go by the wayside after just 4 weeks?

Well, most people don't plan out their goals and when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Are you ready to be different?

Are you ready to succeed in 2021?

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Is this for you?

The Goal Setting Mastermind is not for everyone. 


You're in the right place if...

If you want to be proud of yourself.

You want to overcome a challenge to improve your career, business or life. This mastermind is the place for you.

If you can't let another year to go by.  If you want more and you want better for yourself then this is the right course for you.

If you are sick of not meeting your own expectations, then join me here.


Female Athlete

Kiara says...

Working with Emma was really great, she was phenomenal at cutting through the crap – and my story to get to the root of the problem so I could move forward. She utilised a plethora of business knowledge and strategies to assist me to get my message out to the right people and point out my beliefs that were not serving me. I would recommend her to my friends in future.

Confident Woman

Seini says...

Emma was consistent in every session to assist with any core issues that held me back from meeting my standards. I always felt a sense of clarity of where I was heading after every session.

We set appropriate goals and our sessions pushed me to be more accepting of where I am with my coaching business to where I am heading.

I will not hesitate to recommend Emma to family and friends, and I am absolutely sure we will be in touch again in the near future. Thank you Emma!

Red Wine

Nikki says....

I had heard from others that having a business coach could be of benefit and now I have experienced just one of the training packages Emma offers, I can’t emphasise enough the value it has brought to my business.  Working with a business coach is an integral part of my business success.

Goal Setting Mastermind

Starts in February at the Romsey Neighbourhood House!

Join today!

  • The goal planning framework that works.

  • Goal Setting Master Planner.

  • Resources and tools.

  • Exclusive access to the Weekly Wisdom newsletter.

  • BONUS!  1x personalised goal-setting session with Emma  (valued at $250)

This 2 hour Mastermind is valued at $249.

You pay just $25
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What would it mean to you to achieve your goals in 2021?
How would you feel?
I invite you to join me to start planning your best year yet.