Emma's Story

I remember the best job I ever had.  It was years ago when, as part of my role, I was mentor and coach to five men.  I got so much joy and fulfillment helping this group of men grow their world view, become more effective managers and improve their relationships at work and (most importantly) at home. 

I was so happy.

Years later my own career was on an upward trajectory but I wasn’t happy.  I felt weighed down by pressure and although I was getting great results, had an amazing relationship with my husband, I found myself getting angry, frustrated and defensive at the smallest things.  I would come home and cry.  Then sit on the couch and eat. 

I had lost my spark and my mojo.    

I made a list of everything I loved to do and what I was good at.  My list included things like cooking, gardening, meeting people, improving the way things are done, learning about different ways of life, training, coaching, presenting…. 

I knew I was looking for a lifestyle, a passion and something I could share with others...Coaching and speaking was that thing. 

Then I was given the greatest gift…….the universe said, “You want it, OK, go for it girl”…..a company restructure gave me the out from my job I had wanted.  It gave me time to focus on the real Emma and to move away from the Emma I had allowed myself to become.  I realised that I had been living my life for others and blaming the outside world for how things had turned out.  I'd allowed others to take my time.  I was not taking full responsibility for where my energy was being directed. 

I knew the knowledge I had could help others.

My life now is busy, my business is aligned with what’s important to me and I have clients I adore.  My relationship with my husband and family has improved to a level I never knew existed, I made some tough decisions to cast away toxic friendships and I now look at the world as a place of infinite opportunities rather than a place of obstacles.