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During my 25 years leading teams in logistics and distribution I have experienced the best and the worst of workplace behaviours.  I've helped unionised workforces embrace working in alignment with management.  I've helped create future leaders and successful performance management outcomes.

I believe that a workplace where people come first is paramount to business growth.  This is not an environment where profits suffer, it's where everyone is aligned with the big goals.

Small Business, Big Opportunities.

New Wings Success was born out of a dissatisfaction with the people focussed training available to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 


I watched helplessly as a friend's business was torn apart by disruptive and toxic employees.  Unable to afford the training programs to help work through the conflict within the team, my friend lost her dream, much of her investment and 3 people lost their jobs. 


Success in business is being crystal clear in your vision, recruiting the right people, providing them with the key frameworks and systems so they know the exact what, when and how to achieve the goals. 


It's consistently supporting your team and modelling the behaviours of a leader.  It's about not allowing bad behaviour or conflict to go unchecked.


A workplace that is engaged, creative and aligned is a safe workplace.

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At New Wings we love to see small businesses thrive and grow.  Business is hard and research shows that 25% of small to medium businesses fail because of a lack of leadership skills or ability to manage people.

We are driven by delivering exceptional, high-value programs to individuals and small businesses to create innovative, growth focused, curious leaders and aligned teams. 

We are committed to helping you grow business and we cultivate long term, collaborative relationships with clients and support functions. We move you to a place where the headaches sleepless nights are a thing of the past. 



It's not just for those climbing the corporate ladder.  Developing leadership presence is not something you do overnight.  Authentic and transformational leadership is only achieved by becoming behavioural flexible. 

Your ability to own who you are inside is the key to your success in your business and in life.  

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